A citizen take-over of the EU institutions – Election campaign Kick-Off

13 April 2019

Tuechtig, Oudenarder StraĂźe 16, 13347 Berlin-Wedding

Panellists: Yanis Varoufakis, Daniela Platsch, Bianca Praetorius, Jasper Finkeldey, Joanna Bronowicka, Thomas Kellermann Start: 7 pm Buy Tickets here.
Transnational politics has arrived! The movement DiEM25 facilitates a discussion between citizens and citizen-candidates on the first-ever transnational list for the European elections. These candidates are fighting for a Green New Deal with progressive solutions to bring democracy back to Europe! The women and men, nominated in an experiment in grassroots democracy, who will take the programme to the ballot box in May, will answer all your questions and listen to your input. Our event will not treat participants as passive listeners. Instead it will be about getting into a dialogue. As our venue is a room for inclusion, our event will be the same. After a short introduction from each panellist, we will jump right into the discussion with you in a fishbowl format. Meaning we will have panels consisting of our candidates and you! Panel I: The connection between local activism and a European election campaign • Jasper Finkeldey, organising a campus tour bringing the European Spring to the Universities across Germany • Joanna Bronowicka, organising the #register2vote campaign ahead of the European Parliament elections • Thomas Kellermann, activist for the “Aktionsbündnis Lichterfelde Süd” campaigning for social housing since 2011 Panel II: Putting a new form of politics into practice in Europe and beyond • Yanis Varoufakis, campaigning against austerity politics all across Europe for years • Daniela Platsch, pledging for a new and people-powered approach to democratize Europe • Bianca Praetorius, connecting technology with democracy, transparency and sustainability Moderators: Laura Müller and Johannes Fehr