How to register?

EU citizens living in Germany can choose a Member of Parliament in the European elections on May 26, 2019. But registration closes on May 5!

I am not a german citizen. Do I have the right to vote in Germany?

YES! As long as you have done your „Anmeldung“, you have the right to vote. But, you still need to register in person before the elections. It’s not automatic that you are on the list of people entitled to vote just because you did your „Anmeldung“. You have to apply for it! You will need to file an application in your city hall – for example Bezirksamt Neukölln. You have to go there in person with your ID.

Where do I find the application?

It’s called „Antrag auf Eintragung in ein Wählerverzeichnis“ – you can find, fill and print it here

Have you already voted in the European Elections in Germany?

You should have received a letter alread, a so called „Wahlbrief“. It tells you where your polling booth is. You will need to take it with you to vote.

Can I also vote in my embassy?

You can only vote once. So you either vote in Germany or in your embassy. In Germany you vote for candidates representing Germany in the European Parliament and in the embassy for people running to be members of European Parliament in your home country. Contact: join@joannabronowicka.eu

About me:

My name is Joanna Bronowicka. I am a Polish researcher and community organiser living in Berlin. I am researching the impact of technology on society. I have been fighting for rights of women, workers and migrants for over a decade. I am member of Polish party Razem which has an active branch in Berlin. This May, I will run for the European Parliament from Germany from the transnational list called DEMOKRATIE IN EUROPA.